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Restless October 17, 2008

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You often relate to being restless; you’re either just too lazy to think resourcefully or you simply want out and maybe sometimes you really just don’t know what to do. But today I actually had this approximate 15 minutes of mind-convuling, nerve shaking period of restlessness.

I had just finished watching the Ugly Betty Season 2 finale where we end off on a totally odd cliff-hanger and this (odd) yet cool song and the inmage of a black-suited Daniel a.k.a: Eric Mabius(& son) pack up to leave his only, ever (family) job. Yet how can a mindless drama and the current obsession of Mark Walden’s H.I.V.E series lead to such a moment of restlessness when my head starts to spin like the aftermath of Oblivion and you’re incoherency matches Clark Kent’s abysmal dress code (in the first seven season; He is after all starting to look more presentable, now that he no longer works on a farm and has to ‘dress to impress’).

So that’ that for my first blog not much but a attempt.



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